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Advice for an Addict

Getting off drugs as well as becoming clean forever is no walk in the park. They point out that day one is truly the hardest when it comes to getting clean. While this is true, each day is a frequent battle to sustain sobriety. If you have not completely gotten free, don’t beat yourself up regarding this. Addiction is a illness, and you can muster up the strength to quit. It is difficult to merely get out of bed one day and say, “Hey, I don’t need to take drugs any longer!” and become clean. It takes determination and difficult work to get rid of addiction.

What you can do is to speak to another person, who is not an addict, concerning the approaching decisions you must make. You can tell your mom and dad, a close friend or even a reverend and make them hear your story. Somehow, with other people’s support, they will guide you to the correct route. Also you need to find good reason to quit, as most addicts just coast through life with no regard for anything more.

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