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Boston Medical Malpractice Case 2011

Earlier this year in March 2011, a doctor along with nurse practitioner from Needham, MA were accused with regard to presumably supplying and releasing pills to identified pill users to make money. In the case against the physician and nurse practitioner it had been discovered that these people offered unneeded painkillers to the junkies in return for cash along with insurance payments. This alleged distribution and sales seems to lead back as far as 03. This alleged bad practice may have prompted the demise connected with half a dozen people in the recent past and as many as a dozen or so from the year 2003 until now.

It truly is depressing to think that a health practitioner who needs an pledge just to save lives would give into money over beliefs. The doctor and practitioner recognized totally well that the individuals they sold crack and also other prescriptions to had been addicts. The physician and practitioner were likewise supposedly conscious of the same medicines would be resold around the neighborhood to other persons. Although both the doctor and nurse practitioner are already arrested for conspiracy to unlawfully dispense controlled materials, it is actually uncertain if any more charges are going to be brought.

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