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DJ AM Survives Plane Crash-dies of accidental drug overdose

DJ AM, formally known as Adam Goldstein, received popularity as being a member of the band called Crazy Town. He went on to obtain the identity DJ AM through his gift of performance Deejaying at parties for the famous or rich. In September ’08, DJ AM survived a one motor plane wreck which took the lives of four of the six passengers, in South Carolina. Although he was in critical condition and a coma he went on to get better and continue on his job in t . v . and Deejaying .

As irony would have it, just over 1 year down the road from his near miss with fortune, DJ AM was discovered deceased in his New York City property from an obvious pharmaceutical overdose. Very early signals were considered to be concluded by the first responders, police and ambulance, that pills were still left on the table close to his bed and that one of the medications was not swallowed. The last ruling would come a day in the future stating that DJ AM was killed of an unintended overdose of medication including a mixture of prescribed drugs and cocaine.

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