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Dr. Drew vs. Charlie Sheen: A Battle to Sanity

With the most current rumor relating to Charlie Sheen and his possible manic symptoms, just about every shrink would like to take a chance at studying Sheen. Doctor. Drew, however, provides his beliefs that Charlie Sheen might be bipolar, proclaiming that Sheen’s symptoms match that of a manic depressive person.

Dr. Drew, identified by many as a superstar psychologist, isn’t a new person to presenting medical determinations. He has tagged Sheen as a bipolar character without having actually counseling Sheen. Sheen, however, is not using the public suggestions without supplying up his thoughts on Dr. Drew. Sheen once said he’d take on Dr. Drew in the arena and clearly show him who’s “winning.” The combat continues on, to this day, with Dr. Drew persistently diagnosing Sheen’s symptoms and informing the public that Sheen should be taken into legal care. With Sheen getting dismissed from Two and a Half Men, we have yet to find out what the foreseeable future holds for him.

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