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Drug Abuse and HIV

There exists a immediate connection between drug addiction and HIV. Swapping needles in substance use will increase, appreciably, the danger for being infected with Human immunodeficiency virus. Human immunodeficiency virus it not just developed by means of unprotected sex, it really is spread via body fluids for example, the exchange that takes place any time needles are shared.

Probably the most widely used drug connected with HIV is heroin. Users usually utilize the substance by way of iv means, this means they’ll use needles to receive the substance into their system by administered it into their veins. Any time these needles are shared, a number of things can possibly be dispersed, including HIV.

Lots of heroin users inject heroin with other people, which usually promote how often of needles being shared. Because of this , many group programs give users with all new needles-to lessen the spread of HIV. The top community program to employ, even so, is a rehab or perhaps treatment program to get off of heroin and into recovery from heroin addiction.

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