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Eating Disorders and Drug Addiction

Studies have shown that there is a direct relationship between eating disorders and drug abuse. These kind of reports additionally show those patients suffering from severe conditions associated with eating disorders could also resort to substance abuse to aid retain their own eating disorder. For instance, take an anorexic lady who is fighting image problems. Using stimulants including cocaine will help keep the girl’s fat off due to the fact one of several unintended effects connected with cocaine is usually fat reduction.

Because eating disorders undoubtedly are a emotional disease, individuals who are afflicted by eating disorders in addition to drug addictions must be taken care of with regard to the two illnesses together. There is not any clear structure in terms of the particular diseases along with future destructive addictions. The actual obsession could be a reaction to the illness or the other way around. It truly is up to your psychologist to choose the most effective strategy in treating an individual with co-occurring conditions. Treating both diseases simultaneously is called dual diagnosis.

Even so, it’s not at all unheard of for psychiatrists to overlook the partnership between the eating disorder plus drug use. In case the relationship seriously isn’t detected, the client will be treated for 1 disorder but not one other. If this circumstance develops, it is very feasible for the client to backslide after treatment regarding 1 ailment is completed. Thankfully, a lot more knowledge is now being exposed to the populace around the risks of eating disorders as well as habits which may follow subsequently. However, so long as the press shows attractiveness for being at least 5’7 and fewer than a hundred and fifteen lbs, young ladies will continue to suffer from self-image issues.

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