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Getting Clean on a Budget

Handling finances is never easy for someone who‘s recently gone through a divorce. Now throw in drug rehab for someone you care about. Baffling, I know. It doesn‘t sound like fun at all. Well, that’s exactly the situation I found myself in a few years back. My name is Michelle, I’m now a single mother of 2. 25 years of marriage later, my husband and I decided to go our separate ways. And of course, he was not very cooperative in the division of our assets.

After a long and expensive divorce, I was left with almost nothing in the way of money. I moved into a small rental house and basically had to start life over. Before the divorce, I was a stay at home mom. And because I hadn’t worked in so long, finding a job was rather difficult. I ended up having to work as a coffee shop barista and sales associate at a retail store.

My two children, Kelly and Jimmy lived solely with me. I was the main bread winner now, they were both depending on me. Trying to pay for a house and all the bills that come along with it, paying for my kids extra activities at school, and creating a somewhat normal life for my kids was really difficult. Luckily, I stayed positive for the children. I always put a smile on and tried to make the most of everything. Everything seemed good until I found out about my daughters problem.

I soon discovered that my youngest, Kelly had gotten addicted to drugs as soon as my husband and I separated. At 17 years old she was already drug addict. And how could I not notice? I was so busy trying to get my life together and hold my family together that I just wasn’t paying attention to the signs. So for over a year, Kelly got more and more involved with drugs until it was a full blown addiction. She said it made her feel good like in the old days. She felt happier because of the drugs again and she had not intentions of quitting. That’s when I knew I had to get her into drug rehab.

I also really needed to find an affordable drug rehab center. There was no way I could send her to a facility that celebrities are sent to. And I was positive no relatives were going to help me. My parents had passed and left very little for me and my siblings. There was no chance in hell that my ex-husband or his family were going to help. All my close friends were struggling with their finances. I had no way to pay for any of this, I just wanted to collapse in a heap on the floor and cry. But I needed to step back and take a breath. I decided to do all the research I could in order to find an affordable drug rehab center.

After a couple days I had looked at nearly 50 drug rehab centers in the area. Once I made a few calls and looked a little more in depth at each rehab, I was able to make a decision. The center I chose was known for being flexible when it came to payment. And the overall cost was already much lower than some of the other rehab centers I had researched. I called the financial department and they told me we could work something out. We were able to find an edited program that would keep the cost down. It meant few less classes for Kelly, but they believed the program would still be affective. Next, they were able to offer me a payment plan. I would be able to pay off the rehab costs with a low monthly payment.

I was able to convince Kelly to go into the program and quit drugs. After 60 days,she came out the jubilant daughter she had been before. The drug rehab center’s staff was incredibly supportive to Kelly and me throughout the whole process. And they continued to be helpful afterwords in regards to payments, they were completely understanding when I missed 1 payment. Thanks to an affordable drug rehab center, I got my daughter back.

Affordable drug rehab centers are out there.Successes from an affordable drug rehab center.

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