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Holistic Options and Specialty Treatment: Always Ready To Help

The rising of many illnesses and disorders has created such a huge havoc in any society. This paved the way for many specialists to discover and make treatments for recoveries from these illnesses and disorders. These treatments can be in countless ways such as by method of biological treatments, by way of psychological therapies and by way of approaching the illness or the disorder socially.

Biological treatments usually entail the use of drugs prescribed by a physician or a specialist. There are anti-psychotic medications that one’s made up perceptual experiences, unreal way of thinking, and other symptoms of psychosis could be lessened. Thorazine, Haldol, and Clozaril are example of anti-psychotic drugs. The symptoms of depression can be reduced by the use of antidepressant drugs. Examples of these antidepressant drugs are Parnate, Elavil, and Prozac. Also part of biological treatments is Lithium. Lithium works by blocking calcium channel that causes mania. It is also an anti- convulsant. Lithobid and Cibalth-S are examples of Lithium. Also part of biological treatments is barbiturates and benzodiazepines that work by decreasing anxiety. Nembutal is an example of a barbituarte while Valium is an example of a benzodiazepine. Electroconvulsive therapies and psychosurgery is also part of these biological treatments but use only in strict and very rare situations.

Treating illnesses and disorders by psychological therapies focuses on determining and solving conflicts that happens to be unconscious. These psychological therapies include behavior therapies, cognitive therapies, and humanistic therapies. Behavior therapies work by way of shaping the maladaptive behaviors of people. Cognitive therapies work by way of challenging and attempt to change the maladaptive ways of how people think while humanistic therapies tries to assist people in finding out their greatest potential and healing themselves in the process.

The patient’s behavioral assessment is what helps behavior therapies. How these behaviors come about is the chief work of behavioral assessment. Upon knowing these attitudes and behaviors, the therapist devises methods and techniques in quenching out the unwanted behaviors and in learning pleasing ones.

There are three main goals for cognitive therapies. First, identify the unreasonable and maladaptive thoughts of the individual. Second, teaching individuals to believe other alternative ways of thinking. Third, getting the individual to face his or her worst fears and make ways on coping up.

Humanistic therapies are mostly referred to as person-centered therapy. This is done through exploring the self and discovering one’s potentialities and place in the world. The assumption for this therapy lies in the idea that the only way for an individual is to grow.

Social approach is another way of solving the problems of mental illnesses and disorders. This way of approaching illnesses and disorders attempts seeing a person as part of very large systems of relationship. Social forces of the culture that one belongs help in shaping a person. The social approach believes that this large system must be part and must be addressed in therapy. The social way of approaching as a treatment is made by a lot of factors. One factor in approaching socially is interpersonal therapy. Interpersonal therapy tries to discover

what has added up to the person’s depression. It determines who are the key persons involved in the recent stress and what are the current disputes and disappointments. It helps evaluates whether the person is learning how to manage with the problem and in finding what are the patients assets. Also part of this social approach is the Family Systems Therapy. Family System Therapy believes that the individuals’ problem rises from an interpersonal system particularly the family system. This therapy challenges and interrupts the current dysfunctional dynamics that the family has in order to help the individual with the disorder recover. Group therapy is also included in this approach. Group therapy functions by having a number of individual who has illnesses and disorders to share about their experiences and in the process starts healing.

Biological treatments, psychological therapies, and the social approach in trying to treat illnesses and disorders are the holistic options one can avail to when he or she is diagnosed of having disorders. Holistic options are said to be the most effective treatment since it encompasses everything. A specialty treatment can be available if there is only one identified causes as to what causes the disorder. Most centers have specialty treatments to help the individual recover. There is always help for anyone. It is not necessary to suffer long for any disorders.

Holistic Options and specialty treatments are provided in order to help suffering individuals’ recover.

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