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Intervention During Family Week

When addiction is addressed with a thirty-day inpatient treatment program, the program ordinarily features a family week segment. A portion of this week is devoted to teaching the family members about addiction, its causes, causes as well as what to look for from the loved one receiving treatment. Members of the family might also participate in family treatment sessions. These sessions are designed to highlight the multigenerational family patterns, trauma, family dynamics, and other contributing factors that could have resulted in the addiction.

The phrase intervention means to get involved in a fashion that helps prevent the continuation of a behavior or process. During family week, one of several crucial steps in rehabilitation for your addict will be to deal with the end results of what their particular dependency has done to others and acknowledge accountability for it. By using a guided family therapy session, each loved one has the opportunity to say to the addict about the pain and suffering they have endured because of their dependency. This may be a extremely dramatic or painful encounter but essential for the conclusion of a twelve-step program and to achieve rehabilitation.

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