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Laguna Beach/The Hills Hottie Jason Wahler Alcoholism

Jason Wahler confesses that it ended up being reality tv that made him turn to alcoholic drinks at age eighteen. His partying way of life got him into trouble enough that he joined therapy seven times and was arrested six times, all under the influence of booze. Wahler confesses that he experimented with medications but that alcoholic beverages seemed to be always his drug chosen. He partied hard and experienced blackouts when he was extremely inebriated. He says he doesn’t remember getting in jail and confesses that the blackouts frightened him.

After seeing exactly what his addiction was doing to his family members, that’s when Wahler decided to clean his act up. After remaining sober for 67 days and nights he showed up on Celebrity Rehab with Jeremy London and Janice Dickinson and remains as sober to this day. Despite his stint on Celebrity Rehab, he offers that the show’s doctor, Dr. Drew, does not present a lot of suggestions, nor does Doctor. Drew stay in touch with the superstars when they leave the show.

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