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Miley Cyrus: The Fake Role Model

Miley Cyrus is known as a young performer who has claimed the love of an incredible number of adoring girls around the globe. Even so, adults are horrified at their children wanting to simulate Miley Cyrus, somebody they consider to be a horrible role model.

Since her rise to recognition, Miley is not devoid of her share of controversy. As a teen, she posed for photographs in her underclothing and shared them via mobile phone. She has also been seen to park in handicap areas, claiming to have tachycardia and using that for an excuse. Never mind the reality that she is capable of giving high vigor shows, strolling just a few feet should not be a problem. Her well known picture shoots at the age of sixteen dressed in merely a bed-sheet is way too inciteful for a starlet her age group, regardless of what her sex appeal is. Together with measures such as these, it is no wonder that mothers and fathers will not want their young girls behaving like Miley. There are certainly far better role models to choose from for girls to follow.

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