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Non 12 Step Programs as a Solution

When I was 16 I learned a thing or two about life. My parents had stopped me dead in my tracks. I was confronted head on by family, about my addiction to alcohol and cocaine. I foolishly thought I was hiding it well. But that mistake comes with being young, dumb, and addicted to drugs. Fortunately I had parents who knew well enough to keep an eye on me and my friends My parents are also both recovering narcotic users who know the devastating effects of abusing your body and mind for too many years. They did not want the same life for me.

They knew me well enough to know that a standard 12 step program would not be enough to kill the devil I was facing. They had each been in and out of several programs with only limited results. After some research they had checked themselves into an non-12 step drug treatment center and have since never looked back. So when it came the soul shattering time in their lives to put their only son into rehab, they had no hesitation about what to do. They enrolled me in a form of nontraditional treatment that focused on holistic healing. In other words, this alternative style of treatment focused on me as a whole, as one with the earth and the universe. Sounds hokey right? Well it worked. And it’s been working for over twenty years.

For anyone who has tried a standard treatment program and gone into relapse, I highly recommend looking into an alternative treatment center. After doing some research of my own, I’ve found many that may be right for all walks of life. There are centers strictly for men, women, gay/lesbian/bi/tran, faith-based, and holistic. And since I’ve followed the holistic style of alternative drug rehab, please allow me to tell you a little about it and how it works.

First of all they focus on your diet and what you take into your body. They believe that improving the food you take into the body, the stronger your mind and body will make themselves. By removing additives and empty substances from the diet, the treatment intends to move the brain to its highest levels of functioning.

The holistic approach also includes massage, meditation, and relaxation treatments, in order to cleanse the mind of all negative thought. We feel that removing negative thinking and negative influences, will create a positive and enlightened, free path to follow. Tai Chi and Yoga also play a large role in recovering the strength of mind and body in order for it to take care of itself and shut out any dependence on drugs and alcohol.

These are just a few of the things that the holistic approach to alternative drug rehab has to offer. After completing 5 short months in the program, I saw that my life had done a 180. I wrote to my parents and let them know that I was going to train to become a holistic drug counselor and help others just like me. Holistic healing had opened my eyes to a world of peace and confident achievement. I urge anyone who may have a problem to seek help. But I want to show that there are nontraditional treatment programs out there if a 12 step program isn’t for you.

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