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Oprah and Food Addiction

Oprah Winfrey has come to be an American Star and is on the cover of various publications, as well as her very own “O” magazine. Her own very respected talk show, “Oprah,” has been on air more than two decades now. Well known for many of her interviews of political figures, superstars along with other people in the public eye and her donations to good causes, she has accumulated many admirers and supporters year after year. Irrespective of these types of accomplishments, Oprah still has problems with a substantial dependency, food.

Over the years Oprah has asked her tv audiences to engage in a variety of healthy pursuits together with her. The general public witnessed her completely transform her shape on more than a single event. However, the personality still struggles with food. Following her most current weight loss, the woman accumulated the extra weight back and more to a said weight of more than 200 lbs. This just demonstrates that dependency of any sort may affect everyone, no matter their walk in life.

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