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Steven Tyler’s Rehab Story

Widely known of Aerosmith, Steven Tyler, made the decision to attend drug rehab in ‘09 for his narcotics addiction. Tyler attributes his addiction on decades of performing and the subsequent accidents that he obtained due to his lifestyle. This happened to be Tyler’s second trip to rehab. The very first rehab program occurred in 1986 throughout which Tyler battled a drug addiction. He recovered from that life altering addiction.

Tyler entered a rehab facility for the second time with the devotion and undivided support of his loved ones, including his daughter, Liv. Knowing you have the unconditional assistance of your loved ones behind you during a rehab stint is helpful importantance. He eventually obtained the assistance of his band members, who were very upset regarding his drug induced falling off the stage during a concert in 2009. His band mates thought to replace him unless he overcame his addiction. He overcame his addiction to prescription drugs and eventually went on to be a famous judge on American Idol.

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