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Teen Idol Leif Garrett Journey to Sobriety

Leif Garrett is best known as a 1970’s teen idol. Since then, his legal troubles have followed him around ever since the evening he smashed his motor vehicle while driving intoxicated and Quaalude. The car crash eventually left his best friend disabled and also cost Garrett over $7 million on account of a negligence lawsuit.

Ever Since, Garrett has been thrown in jail several times and attended rehab many times also. His substances of choice stemming from his jail time look to be heroin and cocaine. Beating the addiction has not been easy on him yet his job has not been penalized due to the addiction. His career has been consistent, but it did slow after 2000 as he has grown older. He joined the other celebrities of Celebrity Rehab with Jeremy London and Jason Wahler and exposed the program for making him to use drugs so they could tape his addiction. Leif stated that it to little to no convincing for him to agree to use for the filming.

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