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Telephone Access in Rehab

Telephone access in treatment is sometimes allowed at some point in therapy, though typically it can be disallowed in the initial week or so while the patient experiences withdrawals. The individual likewise needs time to acclimate to the treatment program, and this can best be completed without any potential distractions such as telephone accessibility.

Another thing to consider is contact with negative influences or the patient fueling already strained relationships by conversing before they’ve done sufficient self-evaluation and recovery. It is best for the patient that contact be put off until the patient is at a significantly better place physically, mentally and emotionally.

Restricting phone access isn’t a penalty or attempt and imprison and segregate patients. It is simply about helping the patient to achieve the best possible possibility of healing. One problem with telephone access and contact with the outside world has been individuals finding techniques for finding their substance of choice snuck into the actual treatment center. Reducing telephone accessibility up until the individual reaches a particular status in recovery, assists in easing the chance of this taking place.

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