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TV Show Glee’s Mixed Message about Teen Drinking

Not often are available possibly any kind of realities behind the glamorization of teenage consuming alcohol, however lots of tv programs forget to display the actual disastrous actuality on the trend. Glee is a latest tv series to reflect young adults drinking and confound the audiences. Is young adults drinking thrilling or risky?

The episode “blame it on the alcohol” may have been accomplished far better. Yes, it’s a actuality that youngsters consume and yes, it’s a fact that young adults cease to live on account of these types of choices. However, as an alternative to portraying teen consuming to be a exciting activity, writers must take responsibility to the visitors that they are more likely to influence. While the show did include designated drivers during the show, the particular hazards of teen drinking were not highlighted. Youngsters that see drinking as a pleasurable activity, may believe that after they employ a designated driver participating in alcohol consumption will likely not carry them almost any damages. I would certainly like to discover far more fact and fewer glamorization from programs that likely will end up with a special affect on today’s youngsters.

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