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What does it suggest to ‘burn out’?

With regards to drugs or alcohol, you might have heard an expression containing the phrase ‘base out.’ Like, you may heard some one talk about an alcoholic brother saying, ‘If he keeps drinking just how he’s drinking he’s planning to bottom out, then maybe he’ll do anything about it.’ Or perhaps a girl referring to her companion, ‘She just really isn’t successful, she’s bottoming out with the drinking’? It is an expression that’s become more and more popular; however, plenty of people remain unclear as to what it means. What does it suggest to ‘bottom out’?

Essentially, to ‘bottom out’ would be to hit rock bottom because of a drug or alcohol addiction. When we ‘burn out’, we let a habit affect our lives so much that we lose a lot of what’s very important to us and we get ourselves into conditions that are difficult to deal with and/or get out of. To ‘bottom out’ is to hit the lower of levels, is to hit ‘rock bottom’, the worst possible place for someone to become. Ideally, hitting rock bottom will result in change for the better. The thought is that when you can’t get any lower, you can just increase.

Everybody’s description of ‘bottom out’ is different. Everyone has a different rock-bottom according to who they are and what’s most important to them in the world and what’s the worst-case scenario for the individual. Very cheap might include:

* Being removed from school

* Loss of work

* Inability to sustain job

* Loss of possibility

* A break-up or a divorce

* Loss of family and friends

* Loss of house and/or home

* Creation of physical health problems

* Harming the others

Since no two individuals are alike bottoming out can be a general term. For some individuals, getting arrested for a DUI is a real wake-up call. It might cause the individual to decide they have to change. For a few people, getting thrown in jail is not burning out. The others might lose their family to their addiction before they establish that they’ve a problem. Unfortunately, a number of people must go to the bitter end before they are prepared to admit that they need help. Some could even die without ever changing. Ideally, most of the people will reach their particular base a long time before they have lost everything and everyone in their lives.

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