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Why Has Oxycontin Become a Street Drug?

Oxycontin is a kind of Oxycodone that’s offered as a time released pain killer. The medication is classified as a Schedule II Controlled Substance as a result of the high probability of addiction to the drug. Even though the drug will only be obtainable by doctor’s prescription, it is increasingly more available on the streets for addicts to obtain from illegal sales.

Even though Oxycontin is known as a time release substance created to be consumed whole, addicts will crush or chew the capsule to circumvent the time release. After the pill is mashed, it is snorted through the nose, like cocaine. The drug is usually diluted in water and injected into the veins too. These techniques of modifying the capsule result in quicker, more intense highs.

Over time, the body will develop a ceiling for the substance, making it essential for addicts to increase the quantity to obtain the high feeling. Creating a tolerance to the drug is quite dangerous because after the drug is consumed in larger doses, the probability of overdosing rise. Because Oxycontin depresses the central nervous system, overdoses will turn off the respiratory system and lead to future death if not dealt with instantly. Other symptoms of Oxycontin overdose consist of: seizures, coma, and confusion, loss of consciousness, difficulty breathing and vomiting.

Oxycontin has turned into a street drug because of the lots of users seeking illegal channels of receiving the doctor prescribed substance. When doctors refuse to prescribe additional pills after realizing that their patients are abusing the drug, addicts are left going through withdrawal and definitely will spend larger prices to get the pills on the street.

To ensure that the drug to be found on the street, there has to be a way in which the suppliers get the pills. There have been instances reported where pharmacists have taken pills from the pharmacy and sold them to agents to make money. In some cases, teenagers have stolen from their parent’s medicine cabinets and distributed the left over prescription drugs for the money too. Both of these steps result in Oxycontin being available as a street drug.

Fighting an oxycontin addiction undoubtedly requires the assistance of a detox facility due to severe withdrawals that you go through when the drug leaves your system. One user described the withdrawal proclaiming that he felt like his skin was on fire and his bones were melting. This alone implies that the drug is efficient at addiction. An addict may ignore areas of his life to take the drug, not to mention telling lies and stealing.

Detox is the greatest solution for weaning yourself off of oxycontin. By permitting a doctor to regulate your doses so that the dosage will become minimal and finally ceases, you are relinquishing control but battling your addiction at the same time. After the drug is out of your system, treatment by means of rehab is going to be important; otherwise the prospect of relapse drastically grow. Since the drug is capable of destroying your life, the earlier you receive aid, the earlier you may go forward with your life.

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