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Why is location of aftercare important?

For most individuals leaving rehabilitation there’s the final decision of the best place to perform their particular aftercare. Quite a few recovering addicts like to their very own aftercare facility found in areas which they frequent on account of work or home, and also because this is also the region where they used to find drugs or alcohol. Having the option to purchase a street substance or maybe walk straight into a conference is a strong motivator and having the conference at that time should they get lured is very convenient.

Individuals which have completed a detox and rehabilitation program feel they are really able to re-enter society and strive to live clean and sober, but they also know the dimensions and temptations and commonly wish their aftercare and also help to remain within reach. Drug and alcohol treatment programs often advocate that if at all possible the addict change his location, where he or she vacations and where he works in order to stay away from backsliding straight into old patterns, however, if that isn’t feasible then the addict requires support where he or she will be!

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